Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Did I Tell You About The Time My Grandma Cooked My Aunt's Pet For Dinner?

It's a pretty tragic story and I swear my aunt is still traumatized by it to this day.

One year in the 1960's, my aunt got a cute little baby chick for Easter. She ADORED her little chick and it quickly became her best friend....and it also because a full grown chicken.  Well, one day my aunt came home from school and couldn't find her little friend. She looked all over the neighborhood, and when she returned back home, dinner was ready.

As soon as she sat down for dinner and took a bite of the fried chicken,  she figured out what happened to her little friend.  Oh, the horror.

That's just one reason why I never was a fan of live animals at Easter....the fate of the Easter animals is a tragedy waiting to happen.   But the photography community in Augusta recently found out that live animals in Easter pictures is another tragedy waiting to happen....with bunnies especially.

You can read all the details for yourself and search the database in this blog post from Shuttermouth:  http://shuttermouth.blog.com/2013/02/08/bunnies-and-chiclets-and-children-oh-my/

In a nutshell, it is illegal for photographers to offer bunny sessions without a permit, which no photographer in Augusta actually has as of today according to the database listed in the blog post.   Apparently there is a hefty fine for photographers who offer bunny sessions...like as much as $3,000 and from the sound of it PETA don't think too highly of these sessions ether.

But honestly, WHO KNEW!!!???  It's really too easy to break the law and not even realize it.  Usually it's newbie photographers who are operating illegally unknowingly because they don't realize at first that they need a business license and state tax ID, but apparently even photographers who do their best to try to follow the law can easily end up breaking it.

 That's kind of sad because I took my kids last year to a very sweet and otherwise law-abiding photographer here who was offering bunny sessions.  The kids had fun with the bunny, and I thought about taking them again this year.

I have nothing against bunny sessions, but (oh so thankfully) Scribbletime has never offered them.

Another photographer told me that her bunny hopped away during her mini-sessions.  That would definitely be my luck too.   The risk of a bunny hopping away during a shoot and then my aunt's tragic experience just was all I needed to not have the desire to offer them.

Anyway,  I don't have any bunny pictures to show you.  

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