Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Augusta, Ga Newborn Photographer: A Little Newborn Treat & his Halloween Costume

I crossed the river and hopped over to North Augusta to meet this little boy for his newborn pictures.  He was awesome!!

These aren't really the best pictures from the session in my opinion, but I only want to post these because his other pictures are the theme that is on his birth announcement and I don't want to spoil it.  Usually for newborn photography,  I set up in a living room or other spacious location inside the home.  But since  had awesome light coming in his baby room, it was the perfect spot for his pictures, except I can't really show you his nursery or theme yet.  I'll tell you though that they turned out fun!

But here are some baby feet...which are always a hit....I like these pictures that just focus on the baby because they are so timeless.  These could  be taken 30 years ago, or 30 years from now.

Okay so normally I don't dress babies up in costumes for their newborn pictures because costumes are for Halloween...I'm a minimalist, so naturally I think that pictures with costumes on babies are going to look dated in a few years when the fad goes out of style.  But, since it's Halloween and since this little guy is going to wear his sock monkey hat for trick or treating, it was completely okay to dress him up!!  And he let us!!   :)

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Augusta Newborn Photography: Baby Baseball

I had the pleasure of photographing a sweet baby girl whose parents moved to Augusta two years ago, and they've encountered so many major life changing events in that time frame. They got married, moved to a new state in a new house, and now suddenly they have a baby! All in a whirlwind, their lives are forever for the better as they welcome their new little slugger into the world.

Here daddy is a baseball player, so I think she is going to grow up playing the game pretty well.  She was already a very mature newborn when we did her newborn session, but she hung in there like a real pro and let us get some nice images of her with her daddy's glove.  I just think it's precious to see how small her little fingers are against his great big glove.    

Congratulations to the new parents...I cannot want to see how much she grows until her next session!  thanks you so much for letting me photographer your precious  little baby.