Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Augusta Ga Baby Photographer

Here is just a little sampling of some sweet pictures from baby sessions that I really enjoyed doing.  This one was taken at Reed Creek for his first birthday.  His mommy brought his firetruck, and I love using props that babies already own and love.  They just enjoy their own toys better than mine.  Although, this little guy did really like playing with my wooden truck.  I think I bought it at the Oliver Hardy Festival one year!

And here are some little girl pictures that me, the cutest baby pictures are when the babies aren't even looking at the camera.  My heart melts when  see these sweet baby pictures.  Two of them were taken at the Evans library park before they tore down those trees and made a parking lot.  Now I go to that park when it's been raining because it has lots of concrete and we don't have to worry about mud.  Of course, it's not as beautiful now like it once was.  I guess they call that progress?

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