Sunday, July 1, 2012

Augusta, Ga Newborn Photographer

It's not everyday that a newborn session ends up having a frog steal the show, but that's what ended up's how...

My sweet newborn session ended up being a playdate for my son.  This baby boy has a big brother who was in the same kindergarten class as my oldest child, and his mommy and  I didn't even realize we knew each other until I arrived for the newborn session and she opened the door.  What a surprise to find out we knew each other already! 

So I ran back home and picked up my son (the babysitter was relieved!!) so he could go play with his friend.  We returned to the newborn session with some excitement...the boys fetched a large frog out of the pool.  I've always always wanted to take a picture of a boy holding a frog, but little did I know that it would happen during a newborn session!

Once we got the frog and the boys situated, I was able to get the show on the road with the rest of the newborn pictures.      It was just a really enjoyable and unique newborn session.   I always feel like I bond with my newborn families because I am with them so long during the session, but this one was especially bonding.  The frog and the boys just really made it so interesting and memorable!

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