Monday, February 27, 2012

Sweet Madness Bakery: Cooking Something Sweet in the Kitchen

Okay, I have to admit...this spaghetti shoot inside of Sweet Madness Bakery's kitchen was much more fun than a cake smash. Sweet Madness Bakery (yum!) is located in Columbia County by Firehouse Subs off of Columbia Road. The bakery is owned by a mother and daughter team who also happen to be two of the sweetest and kindest women I've ever known. They were kind enough to open their doors to Scribbletime to do a 9 month session for this sweet baby girl.

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Her mom envisioned "baby in a bowl of spaghetti" pictures because her mom snapped a picture of her covered in spaghetti as a baby. Like mother, like daughter. So before we dumped spaghetti all over her, we got some cute shots of her inside the know, just hanging out.

And then came the spaghetti.....

She did soooo good! She had so much fun playing with the spaghetti and chomping on it.

Thank you so much to Sweet Madness for being so kind to us, and thank you to this little girl's mommy for an unforgettable and messy experience!!

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