Friday, October 21, 2011

Champions Made From Adversity: Evans, Georgia Photographer

This summer I had the pleasure of getting to know and hanging out with a great group of people who really pour their hearts into making life a little better for individuals who are physically challenged in some way. Scribbletime has served as a sponsor for Champions Made From Adversity (CMFA) during the 2011 calendar year, documenting various sporting activities the organization has coordinated.

Most of the sports consist of competitive teams, but each year CMFA has a fun filled day at the lake water skiing, kayaking, and tubing for adults and kids with disabilities. This is the one day a year when they can feel the thrill of riding the waves behind a speed boat wide open in the water. Every adult was transformed into a kid again with all the excitement. What an awesome adventure!

I was amazed at the level of care that the organization took to ensure safety on the water. Lifeguards rode beside the boats and were available by kayak also. I also got to witness Columbia County's Dive Team at work (they're in the background)....Pam Tucker and Rusty have put together a dedicated crew!

Thanks so much to CMFA for letting me enjoy a day playing at the lake all day!

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