Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Augusta Georgia Newborn Photographer: Augusta's Newest Golf Fan

It took me a while to name this post...it was between "Texas Size Baby" and "Augusta's Newest Golf Fan". But since I got to combine my love of photographing golf and little ones for this session, the golf fan title won. This little sweetheart belongs to a friend of mine who met her husband in my absolute favorite place in the entire world....TEXAS! So it was just fitting that their daughter popped out at a whopping 10 lbs 10.5 oz. Whew. That's a Texas-size baby for sure!

Her daddy is a huge golf fan and I know in my heart he moved his family here to live close to the Masters. What other reason would someone in their right mind leave Texas for Augusta, Georgia?

Oh, and I really think she is a golf fan in her own right because she was pretty much WIDE awake for 2 solid hours until we put her in the basket full of golf balls. She was right at home amongst the balls...she instantly fell into a deep dreamy sleep and didn't wake up for a while. That's how I know she's a true golf fan...really!

Congratulations my fabulous friend and her equally fabulous husband!! Y'all really know how to spit 'em out :)