Sunday, January 23, 2011

Augusta, Georgia Photographer: Extreme Makeover Home Edition

Ahhhhh finally!!! The entire town of Augusta, Georgia (and no doubt most of the CSRA) has been patiently waiting for this day to come....the day when the Augusta episode of Extreme Makeover Home Edition airs. For me, it's a chance to finally share some of my favorite shots with you!! I'd love to hear from you about what your favorite part about EMHE coming to Augusta was, so definitely leave a blog comment!!!

A couple days before Ty Pennington blew into town, I received a call from the show saying that Scribbletime was selected out of 40 Augusta, Georgia photographers who applied, to do on-location portraits of the family. Awesome!

What a cool experience to be part of, but the best part was that sooooo many people, including a lot of friends and fellow photogs, had a chance to be part of this great community effort as well. It was cool that the Girl Scouts and a girl power theme were such a huge part of this show, especially since the Girl Scouts was founded in Georgia. By the way, have you ordered your Girl Scout cookies?

I am so happy that the show asks local businesses to donate services and goods....that gives it such a more personal and meaningful feel, and a definite sense of true community spirit.

It was a very happy and fun week in Augusta, Georgia, although EXTREMELY's called Extreme Makeover for a very good reason!

I was so happy to meet the Graham family...they are as sweet as can be and so deserving, as you saw on the show. It's refreshing to know that the community was able to come together to help someone who has given so much of herself to the community. Here is one of the pictures in the house, except all the pictures hanging in the house are in black and white. All prints were kindly donated by Chris's Camera Center in Aiken, South Carolina. The manager of the store stayed late to do the printing and then personally delivered all the pictures to Augusta in time to meet the deadline for framing. Whew!

Doing the EMHE family session was quite an adventure & challenge. We had to stay right next to the set because they needed to pull the family for filming throughout our session. But it was f-u-n and we made the most of the little time we had together. We were laughing so much at one point that we got yelled at because we were too loud! OOPS!!

And then the volunteers arrived! Bill Beazley Homes stepped up to the plate and took on the challenge of building a home for the Graham family. Whew...what a huge effort!

And before you knew it, the Grahams were whisked away in a limo, off to Disneyland in sunny California. (oh, I wanted to hop in that limo with them but I might have gotten kicked off the set).

And just in case you were wondering what was the very first thing to be torn down, here it is...

And so my day of shooting on the set came to an end. I returned with my camera the day of the "Reveal" and ended up being just a mere spectator, along with a couple thousand of my closest spectator friends! Actually I did bump into quite a few people I know including my buddy Chuck, who is directly responsible for letting me have the absolute best spectator spot for taking pictures. And trust me, I took up a lot of space with my big pregnant belly. Such a gentleman!

Here is the custom cake made by "That's a Cake"...

And perhaps you recognize these two people...

And I love this shot....wouldn't ya know it out of thousands of spectators, one of the crew members was telling Ty to make sure he looks directly at MY camera when I'm taking pictures of him! (oh yes, I'm SURE that's what he was saying...haha!!)

See, he follows directions very well! Ty was locked out of the house, so who did he look for in the crowd to get that one & only "oops" shot? Yeah, Right. hahahaha!!!

Many thanks to everyone, especially Kimi B., Dea Dea W. & Jennifer D Miller Photography, who worked behind the scenes help Scribbletime.

Oh, one more awesome is it that the Graham family now has a miniature golf course in their beautiful Augusta, Georgia home, which happens to also be home to the greatest golf tournament in the entire world! If you know anything about me, you know I love golf....(photographing it, not playing), and I LOVE LOVE LOVE living right down the road from the Augusta National. As part of my "giving back" effort, I photograph charity golf tournaments in the Augusta area.

So, I'd like invite any of you who are golfers to participate in an upcoming charity golf tournament that is being organized by a SENIOR IN HIGH SCHOOL for his senior project. The proceeds will go to help pay medical bills for a dear high school friend of his, who was critically injured in a car accident. The tournament is February 28, 2011 at Jones can go to this link to read more about how to register. Scribbletime will be there photographing the tournament & I hope you can join us!


  1. Awesome pictures!! I'm so excited for you!!!

  2. Thank you!! It was very exciting to be part of it :)

  3. The pictures were great, what an honor for you to be a part of EHMO! Congrats!

  4. Jenny thank you!! It was wonderful indeed :)

  5. These are great, Sharon!! What a wonderful event to be apart of it :) Definitely something you will always remember!