Sunday, January 9, 2011

Augusta, Georgia Photographer: Cake Smash

One unique service that Scribbletime is offering for 2011 is in-home "Smash the Cake" sessions for a baby's first birthday. Wow, only 8 days into the new year and the first in-home cake smash fun was already happening!

As Augusta was preparing for a wintry weather advisory to blow into town, this little guy was warm and cozy in his own home oblivious to the whipping winds and chilly weather outside!

He had just woken up from his nap, and I was so happy when his mom pulled out a gDiaper for him to wear during the session....those are my favorite diapers of all time, especially for pictures!

We had a lot of fun, but this little guy sure did prove me wrong. We should have put some broccoli or green beans inside the cake, because he definitely wasn't born with a sweet tooth. He was not so excited about the frosting being on his hands and he definitely wasn't going to attempt to actually eat it! This has to be the cleanest cake smash session ever...his mommy needed a bath more than he did at the end of the session!

His daddy gave him a little spoon to use but in the end, he decided it was more efficient to use a hammer to get the job done.

To this little guy's mommy and daddy: thanks so much for choosing Scribbletime for this session..I really enjoyed all the giggling we did.

A personal note about these sessions:

I love "Smash the Cake" sessions because they produce the cutest little images of the baby's first taste of pure sugar, and it's truly capturing a once in a lifetime moment. Never again will a baby turn one, and being big enough to dig into your own cake for the very first time all by yourself is truly reaching a milestone (although my pediatrician would totally disagree!!!). And the storyboards that result from this type of session are just adorable!

Clean up is easy because the parents don't have to worry about using a million baby wipes or giving their baby a bath in the studio sink. Because Scribbletime does these sessions in the comfort of your own home, the bathtub is just a few feet about convenience!

Cake smash sessions look best using a cake that is about 6" - 8"...anything larger or tiered is just too big. Parents provide the cakes for the sessions and we strip the baby down to the diaper. This cake came from A Piece of Cake Bakery and I like that they use a white base to put the cake on.


  1. Great job! Perfect lighting too! Did you use flash or free standing lights?

  2. thank was so much fun!!! I've been piecing together a portable lighting system for these sessions, so it's really a mixture.

  3. I love your Cake Smash pictures! I'm curious, how do you get the white background if you do them in people's homes? My son is 8 months old & I'd love to try something like this for his 1st birthday.

  4. Thank you Katelyn! I have a white background that I actually bring to the house & set up. :)