Tuesday, September 28, 2010

One Huge Mud Run - Scribbletime CSRA Sports Photographer

If you are participating in a sporting event...especially one that requires months of training and preparation...you really should consider taking along a photographer to get some action shots of your team during the big event.

When my husband ran the Honolulu Marathon, he ended up with 1 measly picture to show for it. That's the only time in his life he'll ever run that event and the poor guy only has a single unflattering picture to show for all his effort.

And so I was there this past weekend when the largest mud run event in North America took place in South Carolina. With over 15,000 participants, it was definitely one crazy and busy day. It was so busy that I almost completely missed one of my teams; luckily I caught up with them at the mud pits.

The mud pits were r-o-u-g-h! It was like quicksand. There was a sea of people swimming at the pace of turtles in the thick mud. They couldn't get anywhere fast and they couldn't get out of the pits by themselves. All of them had to be "rescued" to escape the grip of the mud. Leave it to the United States Marine Corps to transform something this nasty and yucky into a ton of fun!

And so, mud runs sure are growing on me because they really are super fun! It amazes me that anyone can endure 4 miles of muddy obstacles, and I completely admire these women for keeping up with the guys through it all! I'm serious, they ended up with more mud on them than the guys. ha!

Of course, it's easy to say that mud runs are fun when I'm not the one getting muddy! Okay, I did get a little bit muddy, but nothing compared to this poor lady who FELL INTO THE MUD PIT! She was waist deep and had to be rescued. I heard someone say "the camera lady fell into the mud", and I couldn't resist taking a picture. I sure wish I knew who she was so she could see this...

Congratulations to all the teams! And if you want some cool shots of your next mud run, let me know!

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