Monday, July 26, 2010

Welcome Home! - Ft. Gordon OpLove Photographer

I was so happy to be on hand to photograph a very special OpLove homecoming for a wonderful couple that has been apart for the entire year they have been married. Can you imagine spending the entire first year of marriage apart? It was such an emotional day for everyone!

Do you know how hard it is taking pictures with tears rolling down your face? The other hard part of this homecoming was knowing that her hubby had already landed, but waiting on the ceremony to start so she could finally see him. Of course, we spent a very long 5 minutes searching for him, but finally she spotted him...

And oh boy, it was SO EXCITING to capture "THE" moment of their first hug...

And it was a long hug (she wasn't about to let go of him for one second!)....

And finally, a very long kiss...

Happy Anniversary and WELCOME HOME!!

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  2. I remember thinking in my head the whole day, what am I going to do when I see him? What am I going to say? And the moment I saw him, I just threw my arms around his neck and said, Don't let go. I kept telling him over and over again, don't let go, don't let go. It was a long year of only seeing him through a distorted webcam picture, and finally I was able to touch him. Next to our wedding day, it was THE BEST day of my entire life. Thank you so much, Sharon, for being there to capture "the moment" for us. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

  3. It was a great pleasure to be there Whitney!! Much luck to both of you.