Monday, July 12, 2010

Sweat It Out Fitness Boot Camp - Scribbletime Photography

In 2008 when Jackie Watts, a personal fitness trainer, connected with me to photograph my very first 5k, I absolutely fell in love with it. I also discovered that shooting sporting events can require a lot of running around for the photographer as well. That's hard to do being out of me!!

So in May, when my daughter's first birthday was approaching, the sad truth hit me that I hadn't made any effort to shed all the pregnancy weight. And after a year (okay, probably after 5 months...but I stretched it out to almost a year), the excuse of "I just had a baby" doesn't really cut it anymore!! So when Jackie told me about her Sweat It Out Fitness Boot Camp, I was in like Flinn!

I had "heard" about these types of boot camps, but before Jackie told me about Sweat It Out Fitness, I had never considered actually going through one. One reason I never considered it is because I seriously thought the only people who go through boot camps like this are the ones who have bodies built for a bikini to start with.

But Jackie changed my perspective, and the name Sweat It Out Fitness really says it all. Jackie is co-owner of Sweat It Out Fitness, LLC with Charles, who was a former drill instructor in the United States Marine Corps. When I learned about the Marine part, I was SCARED!!!

I remember being in Navy boot camp, and there is NO WAY I could survive the Marine Corps physical training. Those devil dogs are hard core. I know...I married one of them. Thanks to the Marines, my husband ran the Honolulu Marathon (as a joke at the last minute) and easily finished without any training or preparation....and he even drank a couple beers at mile twenty-something! His only physical conditioning was compliments of the Marine Corps during weekly PT.

So, what did Charles have in store for the Sweat It Out Fitness boot camp?

Other than running, I didn't really know what to expect! After the first day I was SORE! Who knew I had so many muscles to work? I learned about my "core" and learned how to target different areas.

And I was in great company! Much to my surprise, my boot camp buddies consisted of a wide range of ages and physical capabilities. Charles and Jackie pushed us according to our individual limits, and customized individual exercises to accommodate issues like bad knees. My main goal for going through the boot camp was purely to lose weight. But I got a HUGE surprise in the meantime....boot camp was making me feel STRONG, and my body has even stopped jiggling in a few places!

Boot camp definitely involved lots of "sweating it out", but it was lots of fun too! Charles and Jackie taught according to their own skill set strengths, which provided a nice balance of motivation, energy and patience. Patience? Okay, I'll admit....I whined a lot!

The boot camp even helped motivate me to the point that I started going to the gym in addition to the bootcamp. Isn't that just weird?!! I haven't stepped foot in a gym in 7 years! Being accountable to Jackie and Charles was very helpful, and they cheered me on like proud parents whenever I would report my weight loss to them.

In total, I lost 9 lbs over the 6 week time frame, and I gained strength, endurance and knowledge. If you are interested in learning how this boot camp can benefit you and kick-start your own physical fitness rebound, check out the Sweat It Out Fitness website!

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